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Everything began in the year 1994 when we started to collect italian and german Kinder surprises.

Soon we got fonder and fonder of this hobby and started to collect also the surprises of other brands until we got a really wide range of toys.

Soon we had to face the problem to keep all the surprises collected, aware that also the other collectors had the same problem.
Boxes and containers on the market did not meet our needs anymore as often there were surprises bigger than the standard cells of the available containers.
So we devised DATHO THE BOX , the first box in transparent plastic with variable rooms, thanks to a system of movable dividers.

Then other ideas came, first regarding containers then other accessories not only for surprises.

Another creation, linked with the need to display instead of simply file collections, was the modular display EXPO', soon followed by a range of plexiglas show-cases specific for modelling and miniatures in general.
Datho range is marked by the high quality of its items.

In the years we have tried to improve more and more the appearance and above all the functionality of our items.

DATHO THE BOX has been imitated in the attempt to copy its functionality, but the product that came out can not be compared. So, please, check the brand printed on the lid.

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